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A Short History of Surfing

February 27, 2015

As stated by the Sport of Kings Website: Surfing is one of the oldest practiced sports in the world. The art of wave riding is a blend of total athleticism and the comprehension of beauty and power nature. Surfing is also one of the few sports that create its own culture and lifestyle.  The act of riding waves with a wooden board originated in Western Polynesia over three thousand years ago. The first surfers were fishermen who discovered that riding waves was an efficient method of getting to shore with their catch. Eventually, this was developed from being part of an everyday work to being a pastime. This change revolutionized surfing.  There is no exact record as to when stand-up surfing... Continue Reading →

Surfboarding Addiction

February 26, 2015

Surfboarding is one of the water sports that many people are addicted to. Why not? It is a sport (one of the healthy ways to be fit), an outlet for anxiety and stress, an inlet for nature and satisfaction, a connection for you and the ocean (if you love the ocean as much as I do) and of course, the experience.  What’s wrong with being addicted to surfing? None. Well, it is all preferences after all. But most of the people who do surf rarely quits because of unenjoyment. Most people who experienced surfing feel glad to have tried it. There are over 20 millions of surfers in the world, and growing. Other sports like wake boarding, skim boarding, skateboarding,... Continue Reading →

The Big Chill Out Longboard Surf Contest 2014

October 20, 2014

Relax and see more surfing events just like this one. With more than 120 surfers from all over San Diego to the Washington border joined and hundreds of guests witnessed the 2014 Pedro Point Surf Club’s Big Chill Out. It’s the surfing competition of the year that you shouldn’t have missed. With so many surfers gather around the shore of Pacifica State Beach, Linda Mar last Saturday, October 4, the youngest surfing contestant was aged 5 years old and the oldest ones was 71 years old. The Big Chill Out is the largest and longest running longboard surf contest north of Santa Cruz. The Pedro Point Surf Club's Big Chill Out XXIV competition, windless, sunny skies with unusually warm temperatures,... Continue Reading →


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